We have finished updating core services on our NS server. Enkompass/cPanel, SmarterMail, and our billing system were all upgraded successfully with no issue. A reboot was performed to allow for optimizations to occur.

Below you'll find Release Notes for all applicable changes made to Enkompass (v3) and SmarterMail (v10) installed on our servers:

SmarterMail (v10):

Version 10.3.4632 (2012-09-06)

  •     CHANGED: Auto-responders sent from SmarterMail will no longer get passed through Commtouch.
  •     CHANGED: Fields were added to auto-discovery to make it work better in some clients.
  •     CHANGED: Json requests will now handle larger sized HTML messages.
  •     EFFICIENCY: CPU and network responsiveness greatly improved by changes to performance counter logging.
  •     EFFICIENCY: CPU usage reduced for all protocols.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Improved efficiency of IMAP commands using sequence-set arguments such as FETCH and STORE.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Selecting the "With Attachments" By Type option in the email section of webmail now returns the email list much faster.
  •     FIXED: A scenario where a poorly formatted email causes high CPU usage in webmail.
  •     FIXED: A timing issue with accessing a folder's list of messages that could cause an error to occur on retrieval of the message list.
  •     FIXED: An issue with handling of messages received via SMTP that include 8-bit bytes in the transmition stream which would cause DomainKey and DKIM verification to fail.
  •     FIXED: Autodiscovery will no longer cause OSX to crash.
  •     FIXED: Buttons in preview pane are now shown in a normal size font.
  •     FIXED: Calendar entries with no attendees can now be edited correctly.
  •     FIXED: Corrupted Windows performance counters will no longer cause SmarterMail to hang.
  •     FIXED: CSV import and export will now function properly and include more detail.
  •     FIXED: Deleting an attachment from the compose window was sometimes clearing the attachment window.
  •     FIXED: Deleting multiple messages from advanced search results will now function as expected.
  •     FIXED: Domain email priorities are now set correctly when the page is loaded.
  •     FIXED: Domains will no longer show multiple entries in search results if their aliases match also.
  •     FIXED: Downloading logs through the log viewer will now function properly.
  •     FIXED: EWS settings in domain defaults are now saved between service restarts.
  •     FIXED: Internet Explorer 8 and 9 were not able to type into input fields after switching sections.
  •     FIXED: Left-side tree spacing corrected for chat section.
  •     FIXED: Memory and Unpaged Memory are now tracked in a 64-bit performance counter.
  •     FIXED: Message counts now appear properly in the browser title.
  •     FIXED: Notes will no longer repeat continuously when using EWS on OSX Mountain Lion.
  •     FIXED: Replies and forwards to plain text emails performed through ActiveSync will no longer lose line breaks.
  •     FIXED: Replying to emails in the mobile interface now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Saving the setting "Append Received Line" will now function properly.
  •     FIXED: Searching for email addresses in advanced search now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Shared calendar selector now functions properly.
  •     FIXED: The IMAP response to select and examine commands now includes the position of the first unseen message as required by RFC.
  •     FIXED: The number of items shown in the delete confirmation window was sometimes incorrect.
  •     REMOVED: Alias and mailing list entries are now excluded from SharePoint syncing of the global address list to prevent a duplication issue when syncing.
  •     REMOVED: The global setting allowing disabling of the "With Attachments" folder view in webmail has been removed as the performance issue with that view has been addressed.

Version 10.2.4618 (2012-08-23)

  •     ADDED: Log files now indicate TLS operations, and show when traffic is sent over a secure channel.
  •     ADDED: The "With Attachments" view can now be enabled or disabled by the system administrator.
  •     ADDED: The users grid now indicates when a user is disabled.
  •     CHANGED: Kindle Fire will now default to the mobile interface rather than the full web interface.
  •     CHANGED: Refined the interface on remote wipe to make it more understandable.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Email grid generation and scrolling in webmail have been made considerably faster.
  •     EFFICIENCY: IMAP performance and CPU usage has been improved.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Improved the efficiency of retrieving unread and recent message counts for a mail folder resulting in faster webmail and IMAP performance.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Optimized loading of the web interface.
  •     EFFICIENCY: Webmail interface is now significantly faster on accounts with many folders.
  •     FIXED: A null reference exception will no longer be thrown when using ActiveSync without Provisioning.
  •     FIXED: A problem with ActiveSync losing the synchronization status on some devices has been fixed.
  •     FIXED: Auto discovery services were showing up in the Web services documentation.
  •     FIXED: Certain types of malformed calendar appoints will no longer cause ActiveSync to repeatedly re-sync.
  •     FIXED: Count in dialog that pops up when you delete mail will now show correctly.
  •     FIXED: IMAP now correctly reports deleted messages in response to the NOOP command, which resolves the Outlook message "The UID of a message changed unexpectedly."
  •     FIXED: Inline email images that are embedded as image:data in the HTML will no longer cause the webmail to crash.
  •     FIXED: LDAP queries will no longer fail when a domain includes user aliases or mailing lists.
  •     FIXED: Messages received via SMTP will no longer duplicate some periods, which was causing random emails to fail DKIM.
  •     FIXED: Modal dialog overlay now appears properly in Internet Explorer.
  •     FIXED: OSX Mountain Lion will no longer duplicate notes when connected to SmarterMail using EWS
  •     FIXED: Print email now functions properly.
  •     FIXED: Tool tips over calendar items now display as expected.
  •     FIXED: Unread count in browser title bar will now update properly.
  •     FIXED: Updating a phone number using EWS with Outlook 2011 will now function as expected.
  •     FIXED: When using non-English translations, the browser title will no longer flip back to English on the first update.
  •     FIXED: WP7 phone will no longer throw an error when syncing changes through activesync.

Version 10.1.4597 (2012-08-02)

  •     ADDED: A per domain option for remote wipe that allows ActiveSync users to reset mobile devices back to factory settings in the event of a lost or stolen device, etc.
  •     ADDED: Failed SMTP authentication attempts now display the attempted user name in the logs.
  •     ADDED: Server admins can now set the server and port values returned by auto-discovery on the protocol settings page.
  •     ADDED: The indexing logs are now searchable from the web interface.
  •     ADDED: Updated auto discovery to work with most ActiveSync clients.
  •     CHANGED: The font color of read messages in the webmail message list has been adjusted to create more contrast between read and unread messages.
  •     CHANGED: The font size and type when viewing plain text only emails in the HTML view in webmail has been adjusted to match that of the plain text view.
  •     CHANGED: Updated DMARC implementation to be checked upon receiving a message during an SMTP session allowing immediate return of error information for rejected messages.
  •     FIXED: A JavaScript error that occurred when composing a new message in webmail using Internet Explorer 8.
  •     FIXED: All email address fields in account settings are now validated.
  •     FIXED: An issue with Exchange migration where some user accounts incorrectly failed the connection test which would prevent the account from being migrated.
  •     FIXED: Fixed the size of the login panel in webmail when using the mobile version of Chrome.
  •     FIXED: Impersonating a user that is not a domain admin now only shows the mailing lists the impersonated user moderates.
  •     FIXED: Navigating webmail using Safari on an iPad no longer grays out the screen when clicking on a tree node, grid item or menu option.
  •     FIXED: Printing email messages and calendars in webmail using Firefox now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Re-sizing the browser window now functions as expected when the browsers font size is set to larger than the default.
  •     FIXED: The availability popup window in calendar appointments now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: The controls when adding or editing a mailing list system message are now aligned correctly in the popup window.
  •     FIXED: The first field in a pop up window is now automatically focused.
  •     FIXED: The HTML editor control on the Message Footer page when logged in as the system admin is now sized correctly.
  •     FIXED: The log in page in webmail no longer flashes a red message that says javascript is required when using some tablets including the iPad.
  •     FIXED: The setting to enable DMARC now retains it's value after a service restart.

Version 10.0.4583 (2012-07-19)

  •     CHANGED: The chat status drop down option in the upper right of the webmail interface is now colored green, orange or red based on the selected option.
  •     FIXED: Autodiscovery using SMTP, POP or IMAP now works as expected.
  •     FIXED: Editing a contacts work phone number in the mobile interface now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Fixed an issue where certain contacts would not display correctly in the mobile interface.
  •     FIXED: Logging out of the interface and then clicking the browser's back button will now properly navigate back to the login page.
  •     FIXED: Messages from a message archive with winmail.dat attachments now display correctly.
  •     FIXED: The sender and subject of a message are now displayed correctly when dragging and dropping a message to a new folder in webmail.
  •     FIXED: The signature now updates properly when selecting different sender addresses in the mobile interface.
  •     FIXED: Translated names for common email folders now display correctly in the mobile interface.

Version 10.0.4573 (2012-07-09)

  •     ADDED: Domain and user counts are now displayed in the header of the Domains grid.
  •     FIXED: Adding or editing contacts in the mobile interface now include the home city field.
  •     FIXED: Editing of folder auto clean rules for a domain now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Fixed an overlap issue with the attachments grid and the design / html tabs when composing a message using Internet Explorer 8.
  •     FIXED: Fixed composing of messages in the mobile interface with certain messages signature configurations.
  •     FIXED: Fixed issues involving certain types of character encodings in messages.
  •     FIXED: Logging in as the SmarterMail administrator after upgrading to SmarterMail 10 with Plesk running on the same server now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: Navigation to the calendar section and then to another section now properly re-expands the left slide panel.
  •     FIXED: Note in the mobile interface now functions as expected.
  •     FIXED: The attachments list is now displayed in the compose window when forwarding a message with attachments.

Version 10.0.4562 (2012-06-28)

  •     ADDED: A new system administrator level event has been added for server disk space availability for a drive.
  •     ADDED: Added a web interface specifically for mobile devices. Supports Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks and Notes.
  •     ADDED: Added ability to manage archiving via the API using the SetDomainArchiveRule function in the svcDomainAdmin web service.
  •     ADDED: Auto discovery is now supported for SMTP, POP, IMAP and Exchange Web Services.
  •     ADDED: Contacts now allow for a second and third email address.
  •     ADDED: Domain level calendars can be created and shared to specified users or user groups.
  •     ADDED: Domains and email addresses can now be added to a blacklist to prevent SmarterMail from sending to them.
  •     ADDED: Forwarded messages can now have the sender address encoded using SRS allowing those messages to pass SPF checks by receiving servers.
  •     ADDED: Meeting availability checks are now supported in Outlook 2011 for Mac when syncing using Exchange Web Services.
  •     ADDED: Replied and forwarded flags are now supported for mobile clients that implement ActiveSync version 14.0 or higher.
  •     ADDED: Rooms can now be added to a domain and scheduled in calendar events.
  •     ADDED: Support for more efficient message sending for mobile devices implementing ActiveSync 14.0 or higher.
  •     ADDED: TimeZoneIndex is now settable for a user via the SetRequestedUserSettings of the svcUserAdmin web service.
  •     ADDED: Updated SmarterMail to operate in a failover environment.
  •     CHANGED: Auto responders will no longer be sent for messages containing an x-mailing-list header indicating that the message was sent via a mailing list.
  •     CHANGED: Message archiving now accept UNC paths.
  •     CHANGED: The API for queuing mailbox migrations now allows domain administrators to queue migrations for accounts within their domain.
  •     CHANGED: Updated the web interface to operate more efficiently and improve the experience for desktop browsers and tablets.
  •     FIXED: Adding domain aliases no longer allows adding of reserved domain names.
  •     FIXED: Chat now works as expected on Safari browsers that do not have flash installed.
  •     FIXED: Inline images now display correctly in Apple mail when using Exchange Web Services.
  •     FIXED: Sending a mass message to a domain now validates whether that domain exists or not.
  •     FIXED: The AddDomainEx API function now uses the default domain settings for enabling XMPP and chat history search for domain admins.
  •     FIXED: The log out URL setting for a domain no longer requires the "http://www" prefix to navigate properly to the given URL.
  •     FIXED: The message archive search now displays as expected when a system admin impersonates a domain admin for a domain with archiving enabled.
  •     FIXED: The message-id field when sending from webmail now includes the domain of the sender.
  •     FIXED: XMPP ports no longer show the TLS option as it is not supported by XMPP.

Enkompass/cPanel (v3):
13 April 2012

  •     The AWstats page now has a section to generate monthly reports and view the reports without recreating them.
  •     Enkompass can now generate AWstats reports from gigabyte size log files.
  •     The Analog Stats page now has a section to generate monthly reports and view the reports without recreating them.
20 February 2012

  •     The WSO Framework Selector Page displays only one list of options for the ASP.Net Version.
  •     Newly created Application Pools will default to Enable 32 Bit only instead of 64 Bit.
  •     Manually adding attribute tags to the application pool defaults definition in applicationhost.config will not confuse Enkompass.
  •     A command line utility is available in \Program Files\cPanel\Enkompass\Util that will change the password of the account used to install Enkompass.
15 February 2012

    Enkompass 3.0 will only upgrade installations from version 2.2 and later. We removed the upgrade code for the first 22 versions of Enkompass to simplify maintenance. If you are running a version less than 2.2, you must upgrade to version 2.4 before upgrading to 3.0.

The Server Administrator Interface (SAI) has been improved:

  •     The Tweak Settings page has two new settings. Admin can set a default maximum outgoing bandwidth that is used when new accounts are created. A maximum bandwidth which no website can exceed can also be set.
  •     Resellers can create IIS shared application pools with the new Application Pool Manager. The Create Account and Modify Account Pages are enhanced to assign web sites from multiple users to run in those shared application pools.
  •     The CPU Usage and Processes pages are enhanced to show reports for any servers configured in Enkompass.
  •     A Language Editor is available to Admin. The keys and English sentences are displayed next to an edit box for the destination language.
  •     Reports about Bandwidth Limiting can be turned off in Manage Notifications.

Major new features are added to the Web Site Owners interface:

  •     There is a new page for managing IIS Virtual Directories and Virtual Applications. This will ease software development.
  •     AWStats is upgraded with the modules to generate monthly reports.
  •     Support for WebDav is incorporated into the sub domains page. Sub domains can serve either WebDav or HTTP.
  •     The Web Site Owner can now schedule tasks to run on their assigned web server.
  •     The WebSite Manager is added. Users can set their connection time out, Maximum connections and maximum outgoing bandwidth.

Enkompass improvements:

  •     The XML Interface is enhanced with functions to add mail servers and data base servers to resellers. Functions to create and manage application pools are also added.
  •     Reseller features that were not implemented in Enkompass were removed from the XML and WCF Interface to reduce confusion.
  •     The Enkompass web interfaces and services now run under lower access rights to increase security.
  •     Service monitoring is more tolerant on slow networks.
  •     Connections to Enkompass services are configured to pass larger amounts of data through the interfaces.
  •     MySQL Access hosts for an account are updated when servers and host names change.
  •     When a resellers account limits are reduced, the new limits are enforced at account creation.
  •     Enkompass will install PHP 5.3.10.
  •     We have included two example PowerShell scripts in Program Files\cPanel\Enkompass\Util.
  •     AddMxRecord.ps1 will add an MX record to all accounts.
  •     RemoveMxRecord.ps1 will remove an MX record from all accounts.
  •     Enkompass definitions are added to the GAC. This makes it easy to call the Enkompass WCF Services from PowerShell.
  •     Also in the Util folder is ArchiveImporterInstaller.msi which will install a beta version of the Archive Importer. This software will scan a folder containing Plesk 8.6 backups and import them into Enkompass, with the exception of email. The installer will work on a Windows 7 ?or Windows Server 2008? computer that is joined to the Enkompass domain.
  •     The installer will detect if UAC is enabled on a remote server and warn you to disable it.
11 January 2012

  •     The WSO Redirects page now displays more than ten redirects.
28 December 2011

  •     Upgrade the users web.config file to use the latest log in provider for password protected directories.
19 December 2011

  •     The web page error logger sometimes closed the logging file, causing a fault of the web pages.
  •     The SQL provider would not handle multiple requests at the same time.
  •     The mail forwarder page in WSO would not allow multiple mail forwarders for an account.
  •     Restoring SQL databases and users that contained reserved MySQL words could fail.
  •     Privileges for MySQL users were not correctly restored from backups.
  •     MySQL Access Hosts that contained spaces were not restored from backup.
  •     The Deny Data Reader and Deny Data Writer privileges of MS SQL accounts were applied correctly but could be displayed incorrectly.
  •     The logon provider now uses Win32 calls to improve reliability.
  •     The installer warns if non-Latin characters were used in the Enkompass Server and Active Directory Domain name.
  •     A check was added to see if users had manually misconfigured duplicate keys into ApplicationHost.config.

Friday, September 7, 2012

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