Sep 7th // Maintenance upgrades complete!

We have finished updating core services on our NS server. Enkompass/cPanel, SmarterMail, and our billing system were all upgraded successfully with no issue. A reboot was performed to allow for optimizations to occur.Below you'll find Release Notes for all applicable changes made to Enkompass (v3) and SmarterMail (v10) installed on our ... Read More »

Sep 1st // Upgrade maintenance planned for 09/07/2012

We are planning on performing a wealth of upgrades to our NS server on Friday, September 7th, during the evening. Updates will be applied to our cPanel system, Client Portal/Billing area, and our SmarterMail server. No client sites will be affected during the updates, however a reboot may be required, costing 10-15 minutes of possible ... Read More »

Nov 29th // Scheduled upgrades to be performed

Today we have scheduled updates for both our main website, and our Enkompass Control Panel systems. Updates will be performed to upgrade these applications to their latest versions, adding more features and security enhancements. We do not estimate that any systems will need to be rebooted, however if it is required, we will post another update ... Read More »

Nov 18th // Our grand opening is just around the corner!

For those of you who have been following our build progress, we have good news! Our website is almost complete. We're just working on updating/finalizing our content, as our backend infrastructure is solid and stable.

Keep an eye out for some big news soon, and please help by spreading the word!

Oct 11th // We've upgraded our SmarterMail server

SmarterTools, the company which developed the mail server that we use, has recently released a new version. We have just finished upgrading our mail server to this latest one, which brings the following (source: SmarterTools website): Version 8.3.4296 (2011-10-06) FIXED: All-day calendar appointments are no longer off by an hour in certain ... Read More »

Sep 17th // Getting closer to completion

Thought I would post another update to let everyone know that we're constantly working on our website, and it's nearing completion. Of course, since we're perfectionists, it will probably never be done, and you'll constantly be seeing new features and design elements added. That being said, we won't get anywhere if we don't actually announce our ... Read More »

Aug 24th // We're semi-launched!

Welcome to!

We're currently working hard to setup our new Premium Windows Hosting environment in preparation to serve you better!

Stay tuned to our blog for future announcements!