SmarterTools, the company which developed the mail server that we use, has recently released a new version. We have just finished upgrading our mail server to this latest one, which brings the following (source: SmarterTools website):

Version 8.3.4296 (2011-10-06)

  • FIXED: All-day calendar appointments are no longer off by an hour in certain time zones (including UTC +0:100) when synchronizing with Sharepoint sync.
  • FIXED: Appointment invitations with display names encoded in Russian now display properly in webmail.
  • FIXED: Blank lines no longer display under webmail menu separators.
  • FIXED: If an error occurs while adding a folder, the warning popup now displays until the user closes it.
  • FIXED: Internet Explorer 7 no longer displays an error after sending a message in webmail.
  • FIXED: Message fields now function properly in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 after inserting contacts via the Recipients popup window triggered by clicking the To, CC or Bcc links.
  • FIXED: Popup reminders in webmail now function as expected for users who have capital letters in their username.
  • FIXED: SmarterMail 8.x installations that were upgraded from SmarterMail 7.x no longer have the port bindings reset to old values when the SmarterMail service is restarted.
  • FIXED: Spam weight for the SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matting Engine is now properly included in outgoing spam checks if that option is enabled.
  • FIXED: The file size of .eml files that are removed from the spool manually or by third-party programs now displays as 0 KB.
  • FIXED: The svcServerAdmin.asmx Web service now functions as expected.
  • FIXED: The warning popup that displays when a user tries to send a message before an attachment has finished uploading now has a close button.
  • FIXED: Uploading contacts from a .csv file now supports DOS-style line endings.
  • FIXED: Webmail message replies sent to a domain alias now use the domain alias' signature as expected.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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